Adler Plastic

Since 1953 the Adler Group has focused its core business within the area of Vehicle Interiors. Comfort and Interiors in particular are the Group’s main competence in terms of technological vertical integration and revenue. The Adler Group operates with the strategic emphasis that Research and Innovation are the most effective tools needed to rise to the challenges of market demands; this is why we devote significant resources to product and process development programs. In particular, attention is today concentrated on issues that are crucial for the future of vehicles, such as the reduction of weight, the environmental compatibility of materials used, whilst ensuring the most cost effective solutions are offered to our customers. The Adler Group develops technological synergies by bringing together the finest opportunities offered for integration between the transportation business: Automotive, Aeronautics, Helicopters and Train sectors. This strategy derives from the strong belief that there is huge potential for synergies among the various means of transportation. Competition is becoming stronger day by day within an increasingly demanding market. Only Research and Innovation can provide a real competitive edge. Our automotive passion, the responsible handling of environmental and human resources leads to a sustainable profitable growth, thanks to the commitment of more than 11,000 employees at 62 production locations. In last year the Adler Group achieved total sales above €1.3 Billion.
In 2011 the Adler Group acquired HP Pelzer Group, now Adler Pelzer Group, a worldwide development and production partner of acoustically effective solutions in the area of Engine, Passenger and Luggage Compartment as well as Exterior parts such as Textile Wheel Arch Liners and Aerodynamic Undershields. More than 350,000 practical products made out of high performance felts, foams, carpets and heavy layer, leave our production facilities every single day. As a globally positioned manufacturer, we deliver to the majority of all OEMs in Europe, NAFTA, Mercosur and Asia with our custom developed acoustical solutions.
The success of Adler Pelzer is based upon our technical leadership and expertise in design, development and production of custom made acoustic solutions for the entire vehicle. Our highly vertically integrated product portfolio, recycling competence and global footprint, coupled with our focus on quality and supply chain performance allow us to provide value added products and services to customers in over 20 different countries world wide.
The tradition of our brands, our ongoing dedication to improvement and innovation help to create the smoothest and most effective of synergies within the partnership between Ferrari and the Adler Group, which through the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, bring technological excellence together with competitive spirit out of the factory and onto the track!